Sunday, 22 February 2009

What I Am Watching

So what have I been watching lately?

First up has been a nostalgic trip to Beverly Hills 90210

I loved this programme when I was younger but only ever watched the first 2 series in the UK and have been buying the boxsets and catching up on all the episodes I missed

In between waiting for the next series fo 90210 to be released I've indulged in Charmed

Again another series that I have never watched completely only watching an episode here and there, I'm about to start watching Series 2 any minute now!

And something completely different is the West Wing

A friend loves the series and has all the boxsets so I've been able to steal these and watch them in between delivery of 90210 or Charmed!

But what will I be watching this evening???

The OSCARS of course

I even have tomorrow booked off a work so I can have a lazy day at home watching all the news coverage of the parties.... the dresses!!!

What have you been watching lately?

Happy Sunday everyone


rachel the krafty girl said...

i watched the man who knew too much!
i just love a film with doris day hehe!!

you have alot there to watch and keep you busy


LaundryBasketCase said...

I watch the Oscars purely for the dresses... oh the dresses! :)
90210! I loved that series so much. I bet it's quite funny looking back at the fashion. I've been catching up with something I've not seen in donkey years - Anne of Green Gables! Love it.

Sherri said...

Victoria, I really haven't been watching much of anything lately I've been reading. I will also be watchig the Oscars tonight, but unlike you I'll be at work tomorrow. I had Friday as my day off because friends came in to town unexpectedly. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

angel said...

Cooeee Honey.
lovely, nothing better than snuggling down to the Oscars, then a good boxed set.
Yummy scrummy have a great day off tomorrow.:-)
Love and hugs X x X x X

Bella Foxx said...

Last night West Wing, last season my friend's hubby got it for her.

Today MacGyver, tonight, don't know, but not the Oscars. Sorry!

Pixiedust said...

I love charmed, and even called my cat Phoebe after my fav charater, sad or what!

Have you seen the series Supernatural? Thats another good one, and the two guys are yummy! xxx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

have you watched the new90210 ? its actually really good and has a couple of the original cast in it - one of them who looks EXACTLY the same as she did many years ago !
Lesley x

what is your styleosophy said...

I LOVE 90210!

Priscilla said...

Its funny you mention charmed, as I used to watch it every week when it was on. I recently started watching it again on LIVING on SKY this week! Great show.... I am also trying to catch up on Smalville, I love that too! lol

Priscilla x