Saturday, 31 May 2008

Change of Plan

Unfortunately yesterday's plans were cancelled but not to worry I was able to eat these

and these instead of fajitas!

Mum was hosting a party at home for her friends

(dad is off on holiday so time for mum and I to play!!)

and whilst she was entertaining I put together a get well basket for my godmother

She needs to rest at home so I've put together gifts that would make this more enjoyable as she is used to being on the go

I included a copy of Vintage Vavoom, the film Wimbledon, a Jo Malone candle and some Molton Brown bubble bath

I delivered it today and she loved it!

It also meant I could get my room in order before the weekend

Unfortunately I have no thrifty finds today... 1 boot sale and 1 thrift store and all I came away with a book...fingers crossed the rain holds off tomorrow and I have more luck at Sunday's sales

Friday, 30 May 2008

Boop Oop A Doop

I have been a fan of Betty Boop since a child as you can see here and used to collect bits and pieces on her

Over the years Betty Boop has increased in popularity and lost her appeal a little for me, dare I say she’s become a little common (!!) so I try to limit my purchases to special pieces

Dad brought this picture for me one Christmas and it is an original drawing

Mum tells me they saw it when shopping in an antique shop in London and thought I would like it but it was a bit too pricey so they didn't get it

Apparently dad was still thinking about it when they were home so he got back on the train to go and get it for me!

How sweet is that!

I was over the moon to "meet" her in Florida a few years ago!!!
Thankfully Friday is here and I'm hoping the rain will hold off to let me get to some boot sales this weekend!
Tonight I'm off to a friends to eat....
and watch....
Of course the film is soley for my friends 5 year old son!!!!
I've made some cookie dough which I'll take along with my cookie cutters so he can have some fun baking!
What have you got planned this evening?

Thursday, 29 May 2008

I've been Carried Away!!!

What a great film!!!

Yes, last night I went and saw the new Sex and the City film and loved every minute of it!

I won't reveal any of the plot for those who are yet to see the film but it's a nice follow on from the tv series
I don't know whether rumours to make a second film are correct but I would be happy with how they have ended this chapter
And the clothes..... that Eiffel Tower bag.... it was all FABULOUS!
Let me know if you've seen it and what you thought!
I'm off to dig out my box sets and start watching again!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I'm going to be an Auntie!!!!

Well I can finally announce to blogland the fantastic news that my my brother and his wife are expecting a baby!!
Photo courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

I'm soooo excited to be an "official" auntie!!!
My niece or nephew is due in December so Christmas is going to be great fun... I can see a lot of spoiling going on!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Victoria Mary Had A Little Lamb

I mentioned yesterday a lamb planter I brought at the boot sale Saturday and here she is!
I'm so pleased with this as I'd been investigating a few on Etsy and eBay but with postage to the UK they were more than I wanted to spend... I got this one for £1.50!!
When I said I would be taking it the seller said "thank god... my mother had that on a shelf and I hated it"!!
I was lucky enough to win the PINK giveaway over at Adeline Country Cottage and here's the beautifully wrapped parcel that arrived today....
and look what was inside
I'm over the moon and pink is a favourite colour - thanks Kirstie!!!

Monday, 26 May 2008

The Rose Rooms 100 Posts Party

Rachael from The Rose Room is hosting a "getting to know you" party over 100 hours... I'm a bit late!

All we need to do is post a picture of where we blog from and answer 10 questions about ourselves.

Here is where I blog from...

This is my brothers former bedroom and my dad & I fought over whether it would become his room or my dressing room - I lost!!
We continue to fight over use of the computer so we are in the process of sorting out wireless connection and purchasing a couple of laptops
Now onto the 10 questions...
Relationship: Single
Children: None yet
Pets: Again none but I'm desperate for a chihuahua... if you look in my photo you can see a chihuahua toy sitting on top of the moniter!
Age: 29
Star Sign: Aries
Fave Food: Potatoes!!!
Fave Drink: Coke Zero
House Decor Style: I don't have my own home yet but my style seems to follow cottage/shabby chic styles
Collections: I'm only just starting my collections but rose patterned china seems to be one!
How Did You Get Into Blogging: Searching "shabby chic" on the internet led me to one or two blogs.... after a while lurking I decided I wanted to be part of the great community and gave it a go... I'm still a newbie but loving it!

A Wet Weekend

Bank Holiday has been a bit of a wash out this weekend so I was only able to get to one boot sale on Saturday.

Unfortunately I was running late and a lot of the sellers were packing up so I only managed to pick up a cute lamb planter which I forgot to photo for you.

I did manage to visit a small antique fair after the boot sale and pick up a few things which I did photograph...

like these cute Babycham beer mats

and buttons and postcards

Saturday evening I went to see the new Indiana Jones film

I quite enjoyed it and found it funnier than I expected!

Then Sunday I went to see Sally Morgan on her tour and was lucky enough to meet her after the show

Sally is most famous for being Princess Diana's psychic for a number of years

Before I go visit Faith over at Faith's Vintage Vanity... she's new to blogging and having a giveaway for us all... leave your comment on this post.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

What do you love about your decoration home?

Marina is hosting "What do you love about your decoration home" today.
I've already posted about my families love of "busts" here... and here are some other photos from home of areas I like such as our staircase covered in pictures
My dad is a military collecter so there is a heavy prescence of that theme throughout the house!
The funny thing is when I was hanging a number of pictures in my bedroom my dad complained I was going to bring the walls down!!!
This is the mirror as you're entering/leaving the house and a good stop for a final make up check!
(And yes there are more pictures!! - the ones on the right of the photo are of my brothers army days)
This sideboard is due to be stored for my home shortly when my parents redecorate... don't worry I have already decided it'll be painted white of course!
And this chair which is "my chair" at home will be coming with me when I move
They were once my mum's parents chairs which they had recovered years ago but I think with a good clean they will serve me well!
Shelves in our kitchen...
You can see my gingerbread man items which haven't been stored away yet... some of the china belonger to grandparents and other pieces are from my mum's collection
And I love this wardrobein my parents room... how wonderful with a lick of white paint!
Finally I'm taking you into our toilet....
I love that my parents haven't shyed away from decorating this room....
The cute figures were from a local antique store and they're actually sitting on toilets!!!
I hope you enjoyed seeing some areas of my parents home... I'm off to look round yours now!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Gifts from Florida

Some family friends have just returned from Florida and brought me this lovely pile of gifts,

I can wait to use my gingerbread man in Chrismas displays and I can't lie to you the twizzlers are disappearing fast!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Party Time

There are some parties going on in blogland that I thought I would share with you

The first is being hosted next week in Argentina by Marina
You can show anything you like. A whole room, a whole house, or just a close up of something special to you or one handcraft made yourself.
Sign up here
Miss Laurence is hosting a party featuring buildings and architecture in your home town

All you need to do is to post some photos of streets, houses, traditional or modern styles of buildings in your home town, as many photos as you like and in any season or weather!
Sign up here
Let me know if you're joining in - I am!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Parcels in the Post

Still on a buzz from Jessi's Childhood Toys party I started tracking down some books off eBay that I used to have as a child.

I LOVE Enid Blyton and in particularly "The Naughtiest Girl in the School" and won these last week

Also on eBay I found a lovely seller who I brought these french button cards from

see the original 40F price stamped on them!

I also got these stamps from I Am A Diva, couldn't resist Audrey and the I Love Lucy one is for my friend as she's a fan

And of course Barbie ones... these will be a great help when planning and arranging my friends Barbie themed Hen Night!

I also made Lori's son Marc's tag last night

It went off in the post today, I hope she likes it

And I FINALLY got around to making my Baby Shower invitations for my friend

It's so difficult when you don't know what sex the baby will be!
Tomorrow I'm off to visit my friend Bettina from my donut days
I just love the photo of us both!
and then Sunday I have a family birthday so it doesn't look like I'll get round the boot sales but I'm sure I'll fit some thrifting in somewhere... thankfully Bettina is a fan of thrifiting and luckily we have different styles so there's no fighting!!
Hope you all have lovely weekends planned