Friday, 6 March 2009

Help For Heroes

My brother will be running the London Marathon on 26th April 2009 in aid of Help for Hero's

(my brother is second from the right)

Help for Heroes assists our servicemen and women that have been injured whilst serving our country

My brother is a former Rifleman in the Royal Green Jackets. He joined at 16 and served in Kosivo and Bosnia in his 5 years

He is now a Fireman not fully giving up his hero status and more than able to run the marathon as he is also a qualified fitness instructor

I am extremely proud of my brother and shall be supporting him on the day which I will of course share with you

If you would like to make a donation you can do so here


The Stones said...

Please tell your brother that what he is doing is awesome. I think only those with loved ones in the forces truly understand the sacrifice it is. I hope he has a fantastic run and you have lots of fun watching!

Shabby Chick said...

That's really good of him. We are big supporters of Help For Heroes in this house, it's a local charity plus my Dad and husband have both worked for the MOD and seen first hand how much the army do.

mel xxx

Sherri said...

That is very commendable what your brother is going to do. Good job!

Maija said...

You should be proud of your brother! What an amazing young man he is!

Kim McBirnie said...

You must be so proud of him. I really envy those people for whom a sense of duty is strong enough to enable them to do something like run a marathon - very impressive. The rest of us will have to sponsor silently.
Kim xx