Thursday, 8 January 2009

Read It Swap It

Another useful titbit from The Thrift Book was information on the book swapping website Read It Swap It.

I go through fiction books quickly, reading daily for 2 hours on my journey to and from work and although utilise charity shops, car boot sales and swaps with friends I find I don’t always get to read those I want as I do not like paying anything more than £3 for a book (and don’t get me started on how much charity shops seem to be charging for used books these days!).

First I had a look around the site to see what books I wanted were available (I had an Amazon wish list devoted to fiction so I could keep an eye out for titles on my travels), of which there were many.

I created an account, deleted my Amazon wish list and added one to Read It Swap It with the option to receive emails whenever a swapper adds any of the titles to the site.

Next I gathered up the 3 latest books I read (cursing myself for just recently handing over a bagful to a friend and selling some on a recent boot sale) and added them easily to the site using the ISBN numbers (its very quick and simple!).

Swap requests were next. Some were declined as swappers did not want to read anything from my list which I appreciated due to my limited listings but I have just had one accepted. Then it’s as simple as posting the book out, you pay postage on your book and they theirs. Similarly to eBay there is a feedback facility and you can aim for “Super Swapper” status!

Over the holidays I received and brought a few new books so I won’t be swapping for the next couple of weeks but it does mean I will have a number to add once they are read and I can hopefully access a few more of the titles I’m interested in reading.

This is certainly a great way to obtain books you’d like to read cheaply and recycle those you have no use for if like me once read the books are passed on anyway.

Let me know if you try it!


krafty girl said...

thats a great idea,i didnt even know it existed,
thanks for telling us about it


thriftymrs said...

I swap mine or use bookcrossing. I hate having the cheapy fiction ones litter the house especially when I have a similar work journey as you do.

Vintage Amethyst said...

I joined Read it Swap it last year and swaped a fair few books but I got a bit sick of it, I just got sick of the constant e-mails to swap and then looking through their lists to find there was nothing for me ~ perhaps I'm just too fussy a reader though.
It is a great way to get 'new' books though & I was pleased with the swaps I did.
Oh the price of books in charity shops is ridiculous these days, I don't know how they can do it!
Pop over to see me as I'm having a little giveaway!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for sharing!
But I must admit that I haven`t read a book in years!
That explains , why I`m so thick!
Have a wonderful weekend!
(Reading your books)
Debbie Moss

LittleGem said...

Hello! I haven't signed up yet, I am hopefully planning to :) just need to get an essay out of the way before I commit myself! X

sharie said...

That sounds an interesting site. I get through an awful lot of books and donate my unwanted ones to cs generally. Will go and find that site.

Lori said...

what a great idea...i never buy books because what do you do with them when you are finished? i read so much i would go into debt anyway if i bought them all...i hope you find all the titles you want!!!

The Stones said...

Hi Victoria
Was just bumbling about in the blog world, and found yours! As an avid bookreader and not so avid WW supporter, I laughed and felt like i am not alone in all this craziness! Thanks for the book swop tip!

Linda said...

What a great idea...I'm going to check this site out. I love to read and generally give my books to friends or donate. This would be good for the budget too. Thanks for the information....hugs, Linda

Tutti Chic said...

What a great IDEA!!!! had no clue something like this was possible! :) Chris

The Rose Room said...

Very cool idea! Now what award did you give me???? LOL - Rachaelxo

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh i love readitswapit its fab isnt it!!! ive used it for a while now although gone a bit quiet lately so i need to prompt some swaps rather than wait for people to ask me i think! Lesley x

Lori said...

Victoria, What an interesting idea, I'll have to check this out! Oh my, do I read too much??? you bet, when I get my hands on a good book, which I always start at bedtime, i 'll read till like 4 A.M.! I need some votes!! If you've a sec could you pop over and help me?? Love ya,Lori

LittleGem said...

Thanks for the good luck! I need it! The milk clock is quite old I think last summer maybe? But I think they still had it in stock towards Xmas. I love the milkshake sign its so retro! X

The Vintage Kitten said...

I didnt know about this, its a great idea. I was looking at books in a charity shop at the weekend and the prices are ridiculous. £3 and £4 for a hardback. I remember when you could pick books up for 20pence. (God I sound old)!!! I got another award so I will be doing a post about them soon XXX

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