Friday, 18 April 2008

Donut Queen

I love finding out about Etsy shops and such through your blogs and always click on links to investigate for myself and see what is available.

I was ecstatic when I heard about Jenny at lollipopworkshop and her cute little dolls and the Donut Queen she'd made.

You see I’m a real life Donut Queen and when I saw a Donut Queen doll I had to contact Jenny and see if she could make me a brunette version like myself and here she is….

And she was so beautifully wrapped too!

Here are some photos' from my Donut Queen Days. I had such great fun with my friends working on many shows around the UK.

When uniforms came in!

Making a fresh batch... hmm maybe this is where my love of cooking came from?!

This machine is a called a "Hopper"

Here's a freshly made batch of donuts... completely healthy of course!

Ready to serve!

But it was tiring work!

I had such fun though!


Anonymous said...

awww, how sweet your donut queen dolly!

came by to say hi & thank you!!!

will send your goodies off in today's mail before the dh & i head out of town this am.

so glad you "found" me!

have a great weekend! & pls. let me know when you have received your order!

:0) mary ann

Scrappy Jessi said...

AAHHH so cute! you are the donut queen!!!!
im so into these dollies!!!
have a great weekend!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Victoria, you donut dolly is a real sweetie, I love browsing around Etsy, never know what you might find. Love those pics of your donut queen days, must have been really fun, hard work though too I should think.
Have a great weekend, hope you make it to the car boots,
Lucy x

Vintage Amethyst said...

How cute is that little donut queen, you lucky thing!
Love Alison x

Country Cottage Chic said...

She is sweet! I always have to buy doughnuts at car boot sales - they just smell & taste so good when freshly made.

jenny holiday said...

ooooh I Love Jenny's girls too!! I must must must own one soon!! Every one is so perfect and special in her own way! I LOVE your Donut girl! :)

And how funnn are your Donut Days pics!! :)

Aaron and I have been working on a donut painting...we hope to have it ready soon! Donuts are one of our fav things!! :)

xoxo Jenny