Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I Love Presents & Parcels!

It may look like this outside....
....but I'm smiling (and it's nothing to do with the fireman who appear to have taken residence outside my house watching a broken chimney!) because today I've been....
My mum and I always say to each other when off on a shopping trip "buy me a pressie" and today it was mum who brought back the treats.
Some perfect films to enjoy over the Bank Holiday weekend (and socks to keep my feet warm!)
How cute is this timer and whisk my godmother (who mum was shopping with) brought me.
And of course I had to race home when my dad called to say I had a small parcel and a box from Amazon.
Is it possible to be a book addict?!
I think you'll agree, I just had to add these books to my collection!!
I think I'll need some practicing before I can make any creations from either of these!!
I'll be able to use my new whisk & timer when testing out the recipes in this one
I can't wait to take this Gone With The Wind book to bed this evening
it's filled with wonderful images which I hope to scan and use in some crafting!
ANDDDDDDD last but certainly not least this cute package from Follow Your Bliss arrived....
This is what I brought
and here's all the cute lil extras Mary Ann popped inside!
It's now time for me to go to bed with my new books but before I go don't forget to enter my giveaway here!


Anonymous said...

hi victoria!

thanks for letting me know that you got your order & that you are happy with it & the little extras! i so appreciate the shout out! :)

i agree, getting prezzies are so totally fun!!!


xo mary ann

Saucy said...

Geez, woman, you are one spoiled girl. I'm looking forward to seeing your childhood toys on Thursday at Jessi's party.

Priscilla said...

I love yor cupcake timer and whisk! I make cakes and those books look like something I would drool over too! I am glad you got hocus pocus, its one of my favourite films, watch it every halloween, its such a great funny film. Makes me wish halloween in the uk was a bit more like it is in america! Enjoy your goodies, see you again soon

Priscilla x