Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas Presents... Part 3

I was lucky enough to receive a number of Cath Kidston goodies for Christmas from friends and family and I know you will want to know what....

I have to say I've only had a quick browse through the book and there is an fabulous bathroom in there!

Tomorrow I'll show you the surprise present I received from my parents.

I went thrifting on Monday but wasn't very successful unfortunately, only 2 Enid Blyton books to add to my collection.

I had some success in the sales, mainly Christmas decorations (sorry I was unable to photograph everything the lighting was causing me problems) and these tins which will prove useful I'm sure

This vintage inspired Santa waited for me

I saw him Monday without a sale price and didn't want to go through the hassle of finding out how much... when I returned to the shop today there was a huge sale ticket on him and home he came with me

How do you tackle the sales? Do you have things in mind.... a plan of attack?

I've only visited local stores, I haven't braved the main shopping centres yet although I'm planning a trip to Selfridges on Friday


MelMel said...

Lovely Lovely CK goodies!
Fantastic......I'm so excited by the thought of how BRILL your home will look one day!

My plan of attack.....
Check what i fancy online.....phone the store purchase, go in and collect!Very lazy.....Picking up some clothes from Laura ashley tomorrow!

will show tomorrow!


MelMel said...

Oh that would be fantastic.....to get something wonderful, some lovelt homes out there, and you will make a super cosy, pretty home.....xxx

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

oooh.... so many pretty posts to catch up on! :)
i've been avoiding the sales because Christmas left me penniless. lol. It's hard!! When I have to go to a store, I force myself to walk past the great sale items. It's depressing really. lol!!

Josie-Mary said...

Someone has been a very lucky girl!!! I've done quite well in the sales this year... I don't normally bother 'cos I'm working & I hate fighting in my lunch break :) x

Gem said...

Very pretty CK goodies :) I wouldn't mind a copy of that book myself!
Which Enid Blyton books did you get? I always look out for them when I'm thrifting and managed to get one today too - the 2nd Malory Towers book :)

This Vintage Life... said...

It's so nice whan Santa brings what you actualy want!
I usually hate sale shopping but braved it on the 27th and it was almost like a ghost town! I managed to get a bargain coat in Laura Ashley so I was happy.
Hope you had a great Christmas
Deb x

The Rose Room said...

Fantastic CK pressies, lucky you! Your bedroom must be overflowing with goodies for your future home. Imagine unpacking it all, would be like Christmas all over again! Rachaelxo

Lisa said...

Girl, you have made a terrific haul this year indeed! Of course, you deserve every little bit of it. I must say I especially like the bowl and pitcher. I could watch Steel Magnolias again, and again, and again! Have a wonderful New Year and best wishes for 2009!

MelMel said...

happy new year!x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Eeek, lots of CK goodies how lucky are you!
Happy New Year sweet girl, hope it is filled with lots of love & happiness for you.

Linda said...

What wonderful treasures. Happy New Year and all the best to you in 2009...hugs, Linda

Lori said...

Victoria, I may have been away but boy was Santa, (family) good to you~ Great movies and books! Love the Cath! And the necklace is gorgeous! I love the tins and such, this has been a wonderful day to catch up and visit! Love,Lori