Friday, 5 December 2008

Ladies we all love a good book and I cannot recommend this one highly enough

My copy arrived last week but I was only able to begin reading it today and I did not want to put it down (and was most annoyed when I saw someone I knew on my train journey home just as things were getting interesting and I had to put it down!)

In the spirit of thriftiness please go here for various vouchers for shops and resturants which may prove useful for you

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Josie-Mary said...

Thanks for the link, lots of bargains on the high street at the moment. I've heard this book is good, I'll have to check it out. I've got so many books on my amazon wish list since I started blogging!!! :)

Country Bliss said...

I got the book this week too, haven't had chance to look at it yet though, hopefully will over the weekend.
Yvonne x

MelMel said...

another book to think about tempting!

Have a fab weekend!xxx

thriftymrs said...

I love India Knight. She also has a great book about shopping which points you in the direction of some great ideas and shops.

LaundryBasketCase said...

Ooh, I have just been discussing this book with Mary Poppins on my blog comments - she said it's a great book. Now I'm even more tempted to hit the buy button on Amazon, but maybe I should put it on my Christmas wishlist!
Thanks for sharing the vouchers with us!

Country Bliss said...

I've read some of it now, the craft chapter and it's sooo good, the trouble is I have to keep going on the net and checking out the blogs/sites she mentions. It's going to have to sit permanently propped against the computer!
Yvonne x

Priscilla said...

I like the sound of the book, I love things like this! saving and making..perfect.

Thanks for the info and link

Priscilla x

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I love books and it helps when someone says it's good. Sounds like it would be one we would be interested in. Have a nice Sunday! Twyla