Saturday, 13 December 2008

Catching Up

I feel like I have crossed a few things off the to do list this week but still lot's to go before Christmas arrives!

I went onto Harrods where I purchased mum's Christmas present from my dad (I'm sure men only have to daughters to pass their present shopping onto!)

I was able to pick up some American Christmas magazines from there as well as french and US newspapers which I'm planning to experiment using as wrapping paper

And yes I also nipped into CK at Harvey Nicks and purchased a scrubbing brush for that overflowing bottom draw of mine!

I had every intention of wrapping my Christmas presents this afternoon but the day disappeared before I knew it!

This is what my room looked like earlier this evening once I piled all my presents and wrapping materials

I've managed to sort it into piles all ready to wrap tomorrow afternoon (definitely!!)... all my wrapping paper

....ribbons, trims, tags


and piles of cards STILL waiting to be wrote

I must also show you these wonderful vintage ornaments I brought here to use on my mum's presents this year

Tomorrow morning mum and I have decided to pop to Fortnum & Mason's for our what has now become traditional December visit. You can read about my last years visit here

I know I still haven't drawn my giveaway... I will have the 8 winners pulled out tomorrow afternoon when I get back so you still have time to enter here


TattingChic said...

Oh, that is a romantic way to get engaged! That snowflake ornament you got them is very pretty. I'm sure it'll be appreciated for generations to come! The pink grapefruit shop looks like they have a lot of cute things! Wow, that's a lot of wrapping paper and presents. Have fun wrapping.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh I hear ya!
How busy does it get no matter how organised or simplified i try to make it!
I did acheive some wrapping utn need ribbons or bows or something cheap to jazz them up!
The Christmas Ornie is a lovely engagement pressie

Country Bliss said...

Lol, thats what my room will look like when I get round to wrapping everything.
The snowflake is gorgeous, your friends will cherish that and what a sweet way to propose!
Enjoy Fortnum and Masons.
Yvonne x

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo what agorgeous gift, how beautiful the decoration is, you lovely thing, how swwet of you to buy it for them

I have had my eye on the scrubbing brush, and no that it would never do any scrubbing but it is so pretty I think I shall have to have it :)

Have much to do here in the Poppins household :)

Love Mary


MelMel said...

A girl with super Tiffanys!
The snowflake is beautiful! They have such a special way of wrapping the ribbon, never looks the same when unravelled!

Enjoy your F&M trip.....i'd love to come!
Olly has promised me a visit to London next yr, your so lucky living near by!

Have a fun day....i'm up, about to get ready...tea fisrt then Father Christmas at Dunham later!xxxxx

thriftymrs said...

Wow, sounds busy. Lovely gift, I love Tiffany.

MelMel said... are you?

I love office world.....:>) so many folders n stuff.....
I'm enjoying the CK stickers, that i bought on amazon....fab...labelled all my christmas pressies with them....

Just about to wake up the wee one...catch you Melxx