Sunday, 30 December 2007

It's All Over....but I've won an award!

Well it's been some time since my last post which is due to a combination of lots of festive fun and some post Christmas laziness!

A burst of energy on Thursday saw me cleaning my bedroom, finding new homes for my presents and putting away Christmas decorations. It would seem I am of the same opinion as some fellow bloggers that once Christmas is over the decorations have to go! I must confess as much as I love Christmas I love the tidy up that follows.

Well since I finished work things were non stop, a traditional visit to Fortnum & Mason's with my mum, sister-in-law and her mum on Saturday 22nd December,
Breakfast in the resturant....
Yummy scones with jam... I could've eaten hundreds of these!Can you believe these are candles!A wistful look inside Laudree
an outing with my cousin to see Enchanted (a must see film if you love fairytales!) & some more present wrapping (despite my pledge to have finished it all by the weekend it didn't happen!).

Christmas Eve was a pleasure, my favourite day of the holidays starting with carols on the green with a friend and her young daughter, the childrens nativity play at our local church and a trip to our local fish & chip shop.
We ended our evening at home with cheese & biscuits and a bottle of Winter Pimms and hot apple juice - bliss.

Christmas Day was it's usual round of gift giving and receiving and visiting friends and relatives but our families main day is Boxing Day when all the family get together and I was able to give my nan a gift of a scrapbook from a family holiday we had in August.

I'll share some of my gifts in a later post as I have a feeling this is becoming long winded but here's a peek at a wonderful gift a friend of mine gave my parents. We're all going on a holiday to Italy in June and as an insight into the trip the family prepared an Italian themed hamper,
The good news is I have been given my first blogger award by Grace at Rose Cottage Lane which was the "I Less Than 3 Your Blog" award.

The Less Than symbol followed by a number 3 is the internet shortcut for a heart (you learn something new everyday!!) and I am so grateful to Grace for giving me this award, what a nice Christmas gift.
In turn I am passing on to Lucy Bloom who's continual kind comments show me that I am talking to someone! Alison at The Brocante Home who's blog was on of the first I found and last but certainly not least Priscilla who's blogs can be found here and here. Her vintage lovely's makes me want to jump into the screen!


Flea Market Queen said...

Why thank you Victoria!
You are too kind...
I enjoy your blog too!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hello Victoria,
Thank you so much for the award, that's really lovely of you to pick me, I'll put it on my next post. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas all round, your present-wrapping is brilliant. Hope you have a great New Year, looking forward to more blogging from you,
best wishes,

Dee/reddirtramblings said...


I found your charming blog through Grace. I also live in OK. We drink good English tea everyday, as I can't drink coffee, and I love good tea. Thank you for the visit to Fortrum's. I enjoyed it very much.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Congratulations on your award.
Your photos are beautiful, sounds like you have had a lovely Christmas.
Wishing you lots of love & joy for the new year.
love Alison x