Thursday, 20 December 2007

Santa Comes Early

It's now less than a week till Christmas but I have been lucky enough to have received some gifts from friends already as we will not being seeing each other next week.

I already own this Kenwood beauty for my bottom draw,

so a friend brought me this food processor to compliment it,

I'm loving the bright red colours and think they'll certainly brighten up any kitchen and make my cooking life much simpler!

A dear friend went to Las Vegas somewhere I'm desperately hoping to visit and brought me back many gifts. He gave them to me all individually in order with a short story to their reason, I was over the moon!

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Lucy Bloom said...

Now I really wish I had one of those Kenwood beauties - mind you, I'm not really into cooking, but it does look great! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Victoria, see you in the blogging New Year!
Lucy x