Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Tis the season to be.....


Well it doesn't feel like I've stopped lately and being ill last week did not help!
Last weekend was non stop, a Christmas lunch with my girlfriends followed by taking a friend on her Christmas food shop Sunday .
The past 2 days I have been baking madly! My friend asked me to bake a cake for her daughters birthday. Rianna loves fairies so this is what I was able to come up with.....
What do you think?
I used Betty Crocker strawberry and vanilla cake mixes (to save time!) and I attempted to make some vanilla icing but unfortunately it doesn't appear as white as I would hope... I'll hope for a better attempt another time!
It's a pretty big cake for a 3 year old but I certainly think the adults will enjoy it!
I made some ginger muffins decorated with some cute Gingerbread men,
The last thing on my list were the teddy cupcakes... as you can see from the sloppily applied icing I was getting very tired!
I also made some festive cookies in the shape of Christmas trees and decorated some number '3's

Some Christmas jellies & an ice cream cake (essentially just vanilla flavour mixed with lot's of yummy goodies!) are waiting to be removed from the fridge and freezer.

Here is some of the spread, I should be able to share some more photos with you tomorrow,

In between all that I was able to do some online shopping and treat myself to this,

I couldn't resist Grumpy as he is the character we best attribute to my dad! I thought he was the perfect Christmas tree decoration to put away in my bottom draw.

Well I'm blogging from work today and should probably stop! Do you know if I didn't have to work over the Christmas weeks I would get so much more done!


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Victoria,
Oh your cake is so beautiful! I love decorating cakes, I have some pics ready to put on my blog soon, as it's my boy's birthday in a week or so, and this is also the time of year I'm thinking of crazy birthday cakes.
Love the wrapping you did further down too, you're right about the brown paper being great!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Your birthday cake is just beautiful.