Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Cultural Lives

I have been quiet on blogging this week, largely due to trying to (still!) getting back into the swing of work and tackling my ever growing to do list (and partly a lack of something to say! Who would’ve thought it?)

Thankfully Karla over at Rose Cottage Lane has given me a reason to add a quick post by openly inviting us to tag ourselves and answer 3 questions about our “cultural lives”.

The questions are:

1. What am I reading at the moment?
2. What am I listening to at the moment?
3. What am I watching at the moment?

And my answers….

1. On my journey to and from work I am reading The Wags Diary, a very humorous fictional account of a footballer’s wife’s life. Very tongue in cheek and has made me “LOL” on a couple of occasions. Just what was wanted for grim early mornings on my commute. I also have a book I read at home in bed and this is Girl for all Seasons which I got for Christmas. Essentially a diary giving you information on specific dates/holidays/events throughout the year with suggested reading and watching. I’ve already had blog inspiration from a couple of topics! And I just wanted to mention a book I have just finished reading on Marie Antoinette which you can find here. This was a fantastic read and really interesting and insightful and I would recommend to anyone interested in our favourite French Queen!

2. I’m not actually listening to anything at the moment, I have an ipod but just don’t use it. Travel to work I read and at home I tend to switch the tv on rather than listen to music apart from at Christmas.

3. I’m a TV addict and at the moment current faves are Law & Order and Criminal Minds replacing CSI in my heart!! I also love cookery shows, esp Nigella Lawson which I'm mourning the end of!

Please feel free to tag yourself and let me know if you do so I can come and see your responses!


Alison Gibbs said...

Great to read more about you.
I love Criminal minds too.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Victoria, hmm - my answers would be nothing, nothing and nothing, I think. Of course, I wouldn't admit to that on my blog!
Hope you're having a good week.
Lucy x

the feathered nest said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The Marie Antoinette book looks like something I'd like to read - I like that sort of thing.