Sunday, 6 January 2008

Productive Sunday

I'm very pleased today that motivation has finally struck and I have been able to bring some order to my bedroom. I don't know if it's post-Christmas blues but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do anything since returning to work on Wednesday.

My room was still in that stage where it's tidy but in a piles in corners that still need to be organised, so onto the bed it all went and was finally stored away.

How do you ladies begin your tidying? I have to make my bed first and then pile everything on there, it stops me being able to stop and sit down and let's me start with a clean floor and means once the rooms

I think I was inspired to tidy today by Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry, her post about her Snow Day featured a photo of a lamp on top of a pile of books and it inspired me to do the same,

I love my Shabby Chic books by Rachel Ashwell and I prefer to have them on hand to browse through and this gives me the perfect opportunity to!

Even better once my tidying was done I was able to do some crafting. I had some photo's from my friends daughters birthday last month and when I saw the fairy cake topper sitting on the side at her home I knew I could do something with it. (sorry the photo is so dark!)

I shall be dropping it round to her one night this week, I hope she & her daughter like it!

Also if you haven't done so already please remember to leave a comment for my giveaway here. I know some of you haven't had marmite before so I thought I would give you some info on how I use it.

I enjoy it most spread on toast and for those of you that follow Weight Watchers I can tell you it has 0 points! Another popular treat is with cheese on toast, Starbucks even do a Cheese & Marmite panini in the UK now! And if you like an extra kick to your gravy add a spoonful!

I'm off now to prepare myself for my first week back at work... AAARRRGGHHH!


Roxie said...

I love your little corner vignette. The lamp on the books is great style. I just found your blog tonight and wanted to stop by and say hello.
Happy new year.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Victoria, what a pretty corner of your bedroom. The frame you made for your friend is so sweet, she's very lucky!
Have a good week,
Lucy x

Alison Gibbs said...

The lamp on the Rachel Ashwell books looks great.

Gena said...

Hello Victoria! thank you for visiting my blog,it appears we have much in common! Rachael Ashwell and marmite!(have you tried the marmite crackers? yum!)

Alice W. said...

I clean my room in the same way!!! Your corner is adorable...and I love those books too and am always pulling them out to browse through for inspiration!

Flea Market Queen said...

I love your vignette!
I adore RA, who doesn't!