Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Now I'm Really Back!

Ok so it would seem I was a bit premature with annoucing my return last week!

I don't know what has happened during January... there's been good, bad and a bit of inbetween but I'm starting to feel "normal" again!

As if I ever need an excuse I've made a few purchases which I will share with you,

First was ANOTHER book, Crowns & Tiaras: Add a Little Sparkle, Glitter and Glamour to Every Day which I think I've seen on a lot of other bloggers pages so it's obviously popular and I can see why! I don't know if I'll ever be able to make many of the featured crowns but I will try to give some of the simpler ones a go. My friends and I always ensure we get together for birthdays and I think it'd be fun to treat them to a homemade crown that can easily be personalised for them.

And the mug you can see in the picture was a charity shop buy for 65p. It's by Rosanna which is a great brand I love.

I am also now in possession of the Valentines Issue of Romantic Homes... well actually 2! Having subscribed to Romantic Homes in June last year and having not received anything this month I couldn't wait any longer and was pleased to find it on Priscilla's lovely website, Sweet Rememberance and used this as an excuse to add the cute carolers into my shopping basket!

And would you believe it my subscription turned up! But what could be better than 2 copies of this lovely magazine?

And mum has been very good to me, she has treated me to this,

and this,

How lucky am I!

Both items along with my carolers are being safely packed away for my bottom draw.

It's been lovely to catch up with you and I hope to go back to being more frequent with my posts now, thank you also for those of you who left well wishes for me, if ever there's a reason to get back to blogging it's you ladies!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Victoria, scrumtious finds - there can't be much room left in your bottom drawer now! Glad you're feeling better,
Lucy x

Natasha Burns said...

LOL welcome back to you too Victoria!
Love the look of the crowns & tiaras book, I think that should go on my wishlist from the sound of it!

Flea Market Queen said...

2 is better than 1...
that's for sure!
Glad your feeling better...
Your other caroler is on it's way!