Saturday, 2 February 2008

But I don't think they're weird!

I was tagged a few weeks ago by Lisa at A Thing for Roses to list 7 weird facts about myself... the problem was I found it quite hard as I couldn't think of anything I do that was weird... I mean I'm not saying I'm perfect but well... to me they're normal!!!

So here goes!!!

I love eating wine gums and peanuts... together!

I love tidying and de-cluttering... so much so that I have been round numerous friends houses over the years to help them de-clutter or spring clean

I can't eat food with a spoon... in chinese restaurants I request a fork.... even cake I prefer eaten with a fork... only things I do eat with a spoon is yoghurts, ice cream which I think would be near impossible with a fork!

I have been know to "pretend" I am doing a cookery show when cooking and baking by myself...

I cannot sleep with wardrobe doors or draws ajar... even a slip of clothing peeking out must be hidden for me to relax....

and I cannot sleep with my curtains drawn... I actually have curtains that won't meet even if they were pulled!

And this is the biggy that all my friends gave as the answer when i asked what "weird" thing I do and it's I rub my eyebrows. I've done it for years, my grandfather done it, my uncle does and it my younger cousin has now found herself doing it! Even weirder is I even lift my right arm over my head and let it rest and stroke the left eyebrow! It's my "thumb sucking" I suppose? I do it when tired... bored... I even doing it when scrolling through your blogs!!!

Well I hope my revelations aren't too out there for you and in return I am to tag some more ladies to join in... I know some of you have done this before or maybe don't want to reveal your quirks so as such I'll allow you to feel free and tag yourselves!

Best Wishes


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A Thing for Roses said...

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for playing. You really are weird. ha ha Just kidding. I especially liked the one about the "pretending you're on a cooking show." Made me giggle. You can come over anytime you feel the urge to clean and de-clutter.