Friday, 22 February 2008

Meet Carol...

Ok i'ts not very original, Carol the caroller but isn't she soooo sweet?
"Carol" came from Priscilla's fabulous shop Sweet Remembrance and you can see my post here about Carol's gentlemen friends I've also purchased. Priscilla also has 2 blogs which you can read here and here.
I'm so pleased with her and spent most of the evening walking around clutching her in my hands!
I've started investigating my boot sales again and my friends and I have planned a trip for Sunday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have some thrifty finds to share with you then.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your Carol is very cute! And how great that she has her own "gentleman" friend, too!
xo Lidy

Lucy Bloom said...

HI Victoria, what a lovely purchase, so cute. Good luck at the car boot - wish I was going to one!
Lucy x

Flea Market Queen said...

Well Carol seems to love her new home! So glad she arrived safely...