Friday, 1 February 2008

Thank god it’s Friday!

Well January is behind us now and I’m feeling positive and raring to go today!

I did have plans to visit a friend this weekend but unfortunately her children are sick and we’ve had to reschedule and as disappointed as I should be I can’t help but be pleased that I have a weekend with nothing planned to myself.

January was all over the place for me so I have a lot of sorting out today; you know the sort of things, paperwork to file and cupboards to sort through.

There will be lot’s on for me over the next couple of weeks/months so I’m hoping if I can get myself in front then I’ll be able to keep on top of things and even fit in some crafting! My supplies are piling up but there are lacking in the finished product.

I’m not sure if you ladies have any thoughts on tarot readers, psychics and the like but on Wednesday I had my tarot cards read and it was another great experience.

It was just what I needed to re-confirm my thoughts and give me the motivational kick to get back to order.

I’ve found some images which I would like to scan and share with you all, if someone could drop me a mail to explain how I enable them to be used in this way that would be really helpful (you know so when you click on them they enlarge?).
Enjoy your weekend whatever you may be doing!

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