Monday, 15 September 2008

Children's Artwork

This little one has started playschool last week and her mum is starting to panic with what to do with the various pieces of artwork that are already starting to come through the door

Her mum asked me if i had any suggestions on what to do with it all, such as scrapbooks, memory boxes etc and I thought who better to ask than my friends in blogland

So, what do you do with the children's artwork?

I'd love to hear your ideas


MelMel said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments! your so nice!
Do you work with children?

With the children i mind....i have a folder with lots of plastic sleeves in and i put the pictures in there....along with photos and observations i make.....not every piece they do but special work and first first figue they draw...i also date it and write on what the child said the picture is....make a lovely leaving present!

Another sister bought a huge wooden frame put cork in place of the glass painted it to match the playroom and stores all jessies pictures and words on she can practice reading and every now anf then rotates the pictures keeps the best ones and quite honestly bins the rest!! as it would be impossible to store them all!!

hope that helps!!xxxx

just eating toast in the kitchen got the lappy on and now waiting for my mum to come round with on eif her litttle minded play then we will walk down to the second hand firniture shop see if anything good has come in!!xx

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Hi there,
My 3 budding artsits produce large amounts of artwork.
They each have a slip folder and a scrap book/paste book...
To this we add their /my fav's to keep and look at!
The rest we sort into what can be recycled as wrapping paper and birthday cards for the family ..(which they love!)
mY SON ALSO LIKES AFEW PICTURES/PAINTINGS STAPLED TOGETHER INTO A BOOK,wHICH he gets me to "scribe"at bedtime a story onto as he tells me it based on his pictures..Thus making little story books.
It is a really lovely way to preserve those special memories for me and the kids.
Take Care

Lucy Bloom said...

I think the scrapbook is a great idea, then they have something to look back on when they are older.

MelMel said...

Means a lot to parents when they have someone to trust with their kids!

There was a fireplace....wooden but was too big for my house...£5!!!
They have some good stuff in at times its just going on the right day...i got the little green table from there.
O go in every couple of days.....but the shop i went to at the weekend is really fab and she is really good with her prices..there was a plate rack..all shabby chiced....£35...painted in F&B...old white was sssoooooooo lovely!
She is so clever the way she dresses the shop...i love it in there!
Mondays are pants!

Hen said...

I buy white box frames from Ikea in various sizes and have a wall in the sitting room full of my munchkin's arty bits 'n' pieces.

Hen x

TattingChic said...

I have no suggestions, but that one might have to be selective about what is saved for the sake of space.

Country Cottage Chic said...

When my little darlings were even littler, I had a wonderful frame that was like a shallow box which was open at the top & each time new artwork came home the latest one could be slotted in at the front.

In fact I still have it plus the choice pieces of art & my daughter is almost 19 now!

Linda said...

My daughter is grown....but I've kept all her sweet pieces of art. When a piece first came home it was proudly displayed on the refig, or hung in the window...we always had lots of snowflakes, pumpkins and flowers decorating them. My favorites were framed (still on display) and I have tons in memory boxes...hugs, Linda

Lavender hearts said...

I'll be certain to post about the ck lovlies! :-) I probably won't have that many as money is tight these days!

I like Mel's idea of writing extra information on the pictures. She's so good with kids!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Like the other comments have suggested I think scrapbooking is nice. There are so many nice elements you can buy to add to scrapbook pages to keep a journal dates/places or comments about the 'artwork'. Unlike the horrible grey paged books I had as a kid (The paper was like public toilet paper towels). A good company that sells nice SB things is If they arent a papercrafter then I would buy Cath Kidston box files to store them or buy cheap drawing books cover them in a nice paper/wallpaper and tie with ribbon X

a bite of country cupcakes said...

P.s Victoria....
Just remebered another idea we do with the "best of" pictures....
We laminate them and the kids use them as placemats,As we ate breakky this morning I remebered...
The kids have about 10 different ones and love choosing which they'll use each day.
Once we have applied all these different ideas anything elses makes it way to our fireplace,
But in the meantime it gives something extra for them to keep entertained doing.
And I am sooo sentimental I love it!

The Rose Room said...

I hang some and rotate them as new ones come through the door, the rest are 'filed' in giant scrapbook which I made with stiff cardboard covers. I just punch two holes in the art and thread it through string in between the two cardboard covers. Rachaelxo

Saucy said...

I only kept the most select pieces, otherwise it would be too much. Sometimes I worry that when they are famous musicians, I could have sold all that stuff on eBay... but they aren't famous, so it's a good thing I tossed it after all.

If I were to do it all over again, I'd scan all of it and keep it on a CD.

MelMel said...

Thank you so much,,,thats great ...will send later today!xxx

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Hi Victoria,
I've been thinking about this, too because my daughter started Kindergarten this year. I think a scrapbook of special art work is a good idea. I found another idea in a parenting magazine, which I have yet to do, but it sounds like a good idea. Take the artwork and laminate them to make good-size placemats for the dining table. The kidlets can use them whenever they are going to eat. I think it would be a fun, functional way to store the art work, and the kids would love to see their art work displayed during meal times. I hope my suggestion made sense! Thank you for stopping by my blog,and leaving your nice comment! :o)

Bek said...

I put the best art work and art work the shows what stage they are at in a scrapbook with the date on it, I also have a small box with each childs name and put other artwork in that which can not be put on the scapbook and things they have made me for mothers day and christmas etc this I also date. The rest I use are wrapping paper or they cut it up for collage and paper craft or paper mache.