Monday, 22 September 2008

The Super Sweet & Huge Aussies Artists Giveaway

Shannon over at Paint Mine Pink is hosting a fabulous giveaway featuring goodies from some fabulous Aussie Girls

There isn't just one prize...

...but two

Head over to Shannon's blog now and leave a comment on this post


Country Bliss said...

Thanks for that, I've just put my name down.

MelMel said...

Nice to be tucked up in bed...and all the better with the LA bedding......can life be any better? Good for you...sorry you have the grumps...its the pits when hormones strangle hold you!
I'm eating you are what you eat fruit and nut snack the vain hope it improves my mood....i heard that eating things like this can cheer your brain up.....i'll give it a go!!!!
Will we see pics tomorrow of your LA linen???
I love LA stuff.....and Elanbach fabric!
Watching new tricks and Olly is upstairs......xxxxx