Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Smash & Grab

What do you do when your favourite charity shop that you buy all your sheet music from is closing down?

Of course you panic and send your mum in to buy as much as possible!

I hate how all the good charity shops are closing down and are being replaced with flashy versions selling clothes barely less that you would pay in the shop they come from and more new goods than old


The Rose Room said...

Oh I know the feeling, its the same here, ridiculous prices. That's a nice haul of sheet music though! Did you get your parcel? I keep meaning to tell you my grandmother grew up in Essex and used to walk her dog in Epping Forest! Take Care, Rachaelxo

Sherri said...

Victoria, sorry all the shops are closing! You did get some nice things-I love sheet music!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

How awesome!!!!!!

M ^..^

a bite of country cupcakes said...

I always think the slightly shabby grotty looking shops are the best treasure troves of all!
I see so many doing amazing things with sheet music.

MelMel said...

How annoying!
I'm so sick of the these boutique charity shops......all overpriced and all the china and good stuff behind glass with huge pricey price tags attached!!!! gggrrrr!

Good buy tho the sheet musci..do you craft with it or play the piano???
another wet and horrid day...xxxxxx

Marie Antionette said...

I noticed that too.All the thrift stores just don't have the things they use to.I think maybe people are catching on to the old stuff and hording them.You know how they use to give away old stuff ,or throw it in the trash.They keep it now.But also prices in these type shops are soaring.Hugs Marie Antionette

The Vintage Kitten said...

Absolutely agree. I refuse to go into Barnardos and Oxfam. How much money from our donations do they spend on their snazzy shelving and lighting etc? I prefer a dingy and a little bit mucky old charity shop like they used to be, with reasonably priced things. Oxfam charges £2 and £3 for a book!! I was in Harrogate recently and there was a lovely china cup and saucer and they wanted £8 for it.. no way Id pay that.