Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Thank you blog friends....

...for awarding me some more awards

The Super Commentator Award from the fabulous Mel Mel

Sherri & Sarah have passed on the I Love Your Blog award - what an honour!

Debbie at Debbies English Treasures has given me the Smile Award


Now I should pass these awards on but if I could have a note from home and ask to be excused from passing these on and say this is for all readers of blog would you think any less of me?!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping has tagged me... here's all my "7s"

7 Things I plan to do before I die:

Set up my own business
Marry & have children
Buy my own home
Learn to play the piano
Travel more
Own a chihuahua (every year a picture of one is put on my christmas list... Santa's disappointed me every year so far but I have a feeling my parents are involved!)

Learn more

7 Things I do now:

BLOGGING (I had to say that didn't I!)
Spend time with family and friends
Organise & motivate my friends (they don't call me the bossy one for nothing!)
Crafting (when I have time!!)
List... List.... List....
Shopping... online, thrift stores, boot sales, you name it!

7 Things I can't do:

Play the piano
Sit back and relax enough
Craft as often as I would like
Spend enough time with my family and friends (grrrr 9 - 5 working!)

(I'm sure there are plenty of other things I can't do but I'm at a loss at the moment!)

7 Things that attract me to the Opposite Sex

Nice Arms
Good with children

7 Things that I say most often

This That & the other (my friends assure me I say this often!)
Good/Bad Times
Not So Much
If you just write everything on a list... (my solution to all lifes problems!)
Remember positive thoughts... (I think someone is going to bash me over the head with a copy of the Secret soon!)

7 Celebrities that I admire:

Audrey Hepburn (true icon)
Katie Price/Jordan (love her or hate her she's an amazing business woman)
Anthea Turner for bouncing back

Sorry I'm being very lame with my responses and I'm at a loss to think of anyone else right now!

7 Favorite Foods:

Chicken Fajitas
Jacket Potatoes with cheese
Chilli & Rice
New York Strip Steak
Sausage Sandwiches

(notice I didn't struggle with 7 foods that I like!!)

I should tag 7 people but if I could wave that note from home again and just ask any of you who fancy telling us a bit more about yourself to feel free

And the lovely Lea at All Things Shabby Chic has created this Blog Friends Poster to pass round to us lovely blog ladies

Phew that's a lot of love in the room......

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Cookies & Craft Day

Today was a success, I finally managed to get my Wizard of Oz swap completed

The lovely Suzie has been extremely gracious about my missing the deadline so here are some sneak peeks to wet her appetite

When I saw this recipe for Pumpkin Cookies over at Present Past Collection's blog I decided I had to give it a go (except I didn't decide until 3.50pm with 10 minutes left to run to Tesco and buy some butter)

Mum had brought a tin of pumpkin recently so strangely we had that in the cupboard. I was apprehensive about what they would taste like but was pleasantly surprised and they were a welcomed gift by friends I spent the evening with

Any UK readers who want advice on converting cup measurements into grams I found this site really useful

I also had some ingredients leftover from making my Oatmeal & Raisin cookies so ran a batch of them up too

I've been given some awards and tags which I should hopefully have for you tomorrow,

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Spice Girls and Shopping!

Today was my shopping trip up London and what fun my friend & I had, including a celebrity sighting!

First stop was Harrods

Guess who else was visting?

Geri Halliwell of Spice Girl fame signing copies of her new book

I can never resist a tea towel when visiting and today was no exception

Then of course the Christmas dept. I remembered to take some photos for you as we were leaving (you know how it is I was too busy throwing things wildly into my shopping basket!)

Here's my goodies

My favourite is Hello Kitty dressed as Santa. The Eiffel Tower is already on display in my bedroom, I think this one will be up all year round

This Snow White gown caught my eye on display... who wouldn't feel like a princess in this?

On the way to the station this case caught my eye

I need a case for hand luggage when travelling to LA next month and thought this had a Chanel-esq look about it. I'm lucky enough to have a black & white Chanel bag which I'll use (who knows I might look stylish enough to be upgraded!!)

Next stop was Cath Kidston and unfortunately they wouldn't let me take any photos but here's what I came home with

We didn't make it to Alfie's Antique Market as our feet were starting to throb. We're saving that for another day for which my bank account is grateful for!

I hope you enjoyed sharing in my shopping trip

Friday, 26 September 2008

Guess where I’m going tomorrow???


I usually visit the branch in Covent Garden which is quite small and after seeing these photos from the Marylebone store I knew I had to plan a trip

My friend Kelly & I are starting at Harrods for a look round their Christmas Department and then onto Cath Kidston

We’re hoping for enough time to visit Alfie’s Antique Market as well which I’ve heard a lot about

I’m pretty sure it’ll be pricey being based in London but it’s always nice to window shop

I hope to tell you all about it and have lot’s of photo’s to share

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cosy Feet

It was so cold last night when I was getting ready to visit a friend I reached into the back of my wardrobe for my UGG boots

Winter is officially on it's way now these are back on my feet!

Also a shout out for Lea at All Things Shabby Chic

Lea has set up a new blog called All Design Chic where she is selling blog layouts so if your blog needs updating please pay her a visit

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wizard of Oz Swap Stuff

Look what arrived in the post for me today

It's my Wizard of Oz swap package from Suzie

Want to know what it is? Well here I am modelling

(please excuse the state of me I'm in my pj's!!)


Suzie a million thank you's I absolutely love it as did my mum who was amazed at your work

It was dark this evening by the time I got home so I'll take some close ups tomorrow for everyone

Mum wasn't outdone with a gift today either

I ordered one of Heidi's wonderful Family signs for my mum's birthday. As I'll be on holiday on the day I decided to let her open it this evening

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Don’t you feel so much better...

....on a Monday when you’ve had a productive & fun weekend?

Friday I had dinner with a friend here

We both went for the bacon cheeseburgers – yum!

Early hours of Saturday I received the news that one of my close friends had given birth to a little girl named Megan Louise, 8.2lb.

I couldn’t resist buying these things for her

I have best of both worlds now buying pink for Megan and blue for my nephew

After deciding my bedroom needing an update I took an (expensive!) visit to Laura Ashley and brought this, this, this, this, AND this

This how it all looks

Sorry for the flash

Now I've loaded these pictures it doesn't show the duvet cover very well. It has a pink top and bottom and the pillows are lined in pink

I’m thinking of getting another set of boxes to sit the other side of my TV – what do you think?

I feel it is resembling a bedroom once again and not just a storage facility for my future home

…. Just don’t look behind the wardrobes!

Yes, these boxes are piled high on either side of the room with "bottom draw" bits and pieces

My fave charity shop had a visit and I was instantly drawn to this wedding dress

I think I’m going to try selling it but if not I’ll use it as a display piece for my friends Bridal Shower I’m hosting next year

Sunday I finally visited a couple of boot sales.

Unfortunately I didn’t find much to bring home apart from this scrapbook

What did you get up to at the weekend?

Monday, 22 September 2008

The Super Sweet & Huge Aussies Artists Giveaway

Shannon over at Paint Mine Pink is hosting a fabulous giveaway featuring goodies from some fabulous Aussie Girls

There isn't just one prize...

...but two

Head over to Shannon's blog now and leave a comment on this post