Tuesday, 21 April 2009

CK Alternatives

On my travels recently I have found some lovely Cath Kidston alternatives with a thriftier price tag so of course I have to share them with you

These wallpapers can be found here from the Millie collection and the spotted oil cloth type fabric is from The Range

And whilst on the subject of bargains if any of you love Yankee Candles and have a Home Store & More close by they are selling large jars for half price!

I have already brought 2 for Christmas presents! Yes this is the earliest I've started buying presents


LaundryBasketCase said...

Great tips! Home Store & More? Never heard of it, I'll have to look it up. Sorry to hear about your nan Victoria!
How's the knitting going?

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

The wallpaper is lovely. I love the polka dots fabric. I'm so sorry to read about your Nan. God Bless, SueX

Sal said...

Wow I love that wallpaper!!
I wonder what I could do with it!!;-)

Country Bliss said...

I have a similar wallpaper to the white one in my lounge, it was a third of the price of CK!
Sorry to hear about your nan, I'm glad the funeral went well.
Yvonne x

thriftymrs said...

Lovely finds.

Thanks for sharing.

thriftymrs said...

Oh and just so you know you can get that wallpaper in Homebase too. :)

Anonymous said...

Liking the CK stuff :-)

Hope you've bought my present... lol

ps thanks for lunch :-)
(im very pleased -at least until i get my new scales- that you left the cookies behind ;-)

Rose XXX

Sherri said...

Love the wallpaper! We don't have a Home Store & More here but we do have a Home Goods store so I'll check there and see if they have the Yankee Candles on sale.

sharie said...

Very interesting alternatives. I love CK but not her prices which make me wince!
Thanks for leting us know where to look out for these pretties

The Vintage Magpie said...

Oh my, I have been thinking about buying some CK spotted oilcloth, but now I'm gonna hunt down your version.

Thanks for the tip x

The Vintage Rose said...

Love the look of that wallpaper! Thanks for the tip. Sorry to hear about your Nan, good that you were able to give tribute to her through the eulogy.

Linda said...

I love Yankee Candles...Home Sweet Home and Fresh Cut Roses are my favorites (right now).
You are going to have more fun knitting and scarfs makes wonderful gifts...enjoy. I'm so sorry to learn of your Nan's passing, blessings to you and yours. Hugs, Linda

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I really adore Cath Kidston, just not the price tag. So, to have an alternative at a less expensive price is a nice surprise.

Sweet wishes,

Lori said...

Only one word about this post!! YUMMY!!!! I had forgotten to mention somewheres on line there was a article about the bags you purchased for us, it had said that each month they were introducing two new fabrics for the cause they are promoting. Just thought I'd let you know!Love ya,Lori

Sarah said...

How great, thanks for sharing. Haven't heard of Home Store & More, I love Yankee Candles.

Sean said...
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Sean said...

Hi, I came across this blog post and thought I'd let you know about www.yankeedelivery.co.uk they had a multi-buy deal on a few weeks ago