Thursday, 23 April 2009

I finished this book yesterday and have to admit whatever my views on aspects of it I did enjoy reading it and if you can get hold of a copy (mine came from the local library) it’s worth a read.

As I mentioned in my previous post there are some ideas I don’t agree with but others that are worth considering.

I liked how she used free samples from beauty counters as gifts.

Wouldn’t a sample perfume be nice to pop in with a thank you card or one of our swap packages? I have gathered sample beauty products together in the past and managed to sell them via eBay on occasion but I like the idea of re-gifting.

I did smile to myself as I walked to work this morning scanning the floor for “roadkill” pennies – no luck so far though!

For those asking how the author managed to get through Christmas, quite simply it seems. Gifts from charity shops and boot sales, reusing wrapping paper and handmade cards.

I spent an hour yesterday browsing through the links mentioned in the back of the book but again I wasn't impressed with the "free" samples available. I spent the hour logging details on various sites, declining invitations for a "free" photo session or extra Bingo credit and kept returning to a page where I had to sign up for a payable subscription to be entered - a waste of time!!


Of course by the end we find out what she gave her brother as a wedding gift, lifetime membership to the National Trust priced today at £1390. Whilst a lovely gesture a lifetime gift but I can't help feel it's slightly extravagant!

I can't deny the book has given me food for thought but I certainly don't see myself aiming to live on £1 a day!


LiLi M. said...

I like that idea of doing a sample of perfume in a gift card or a swap. The lady at the perfumery always tries to give me those skin cream samples for the mature skin, hahaha, who would like to get that as a present?

Lori said...

Hi Victoria, crummy week but needed to come see my British cutie! There is a person on my sidebar who is in England and had pictures of Kath's store and I almost fainted!! That place is gorgeous!!!!!She mentioned that they bought a kath magazine? I didn't know they had one do they? let me know and I'll check at a bookstore here. Take care....ahhh I feel better, I visited you! Love,Lori

Anonymous said...

It seems like quite an interesting book, I may purchase it. The free samples is a good idea.
I was wondering, what are these swaps that I have read about on so many blogs? Can anyone join in? Please could I have more information on them, I would be so grateful.
Love your blog.
Have a fab Saturday.
Take Care
Love Melanie xx

Josie-Mary said...

That's a great idea for the free samples. I signed up for loads of free web sites 2 years ago but now get loads of junk emails :(
Looks like a good book x

LaundryBasketCase said...

I have wondered about that book, but I was scared it would make me feel guilty for enjoying spending money :)
It is quite sweet adding a free perfume sample to a gift.

Anonymous said...

I've spent AGES doing the web free samples thing (after out ebay convo about them)... still to this day have received NONE lol

bad times...

Rose XXX