Saturday, 17 November 2007

Coffee & Walnut Cake

Well I'm off to bed after a nice day of a little Christmas shopping and cake but not without telling you about it first of course.

A friend had put a request in with me for a Coffee & Walnut cake. I found a recipe at Delia Online that I seem to remember making some years ago.

I started with toasting some walnuts....
Here's the mix....
And the finished product... was quite pleased esp as it looked a little thin when i got out the tins

I was glad that my friend gave it the thumbs up, even going back for second helpings. I found the frosting a bit too "coffee" for me but the cake itself was pleasant, maybe add some more sugar next time to sweeten up?

It's also worth knowing I made the cake Friday night and iced this afternoon so good to know (as we ladies love to be prepared) that it can be made up the night before.

Anyway sleep beckons... till tomorrow....

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