Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Hello Nigella and Goodbye Boots

Yesterday saw the end of these faithful boots of mine. I’ve had these boots years and just couldn’t bare to part with them. They’re nothing special, they just get me to and from work each day but despite the evil looking heel they are very comfortable and I just hate having to break in new shoes.
I suppose some of my attachment to them comes from the day of the 7/7 bombings on London Underground. These boots were what I was wearing when I had to walk home from work when the transport links were closed. Hours I walked in these but they never let me down, I wonder if I should I keep them and package away to tell the story to my grandchildren?

Everyone looks at the heel and asks “how do you walk in them” and I tell them the story of my walk home that day.

Good news today was I met (if not very briefly!) Nigella Lawson who was signing copies of her book Nigella Express.
It took an extended lunch break, an hour and a half standing in queue in the cold and rain but was worth it to get it personally signed and see the lady in the flesh. She appeared a lovely lady and very sympathetic to the people that were not going to get seen (I was practically the last person!).

Here’s her dedication,

This is a short post for this evening as I'm frantic preparing for my trip to New York. You would think I was emigrating for the carry on I'm having! Tomorrow is my last day at home as we'll be staying at Heathrow on Thursday evening straight from work so everything needs to be in order (I'm sure I'm making up things I need to do).
Biggest problem I currently have is clothing/weather.... some reports say snow....
....and others sun
I'm hoping a friendly local on Tripadviser will be able to give me some indiction on what weather I can expect.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Victoria,
Shoes with a story should definately be kept! Lucky you meeting Nigella AND going to New York in the same week. Be sure to take lots of photos to show us on your blog. Have a great time there!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Victoria

Keep the boots! In years to come you'll wish you had! I'd struggle to stand in those, let alone walk in them!

Have a fabulous trip - I may not get the photos on the blog before you go, but make sure you look when you come back!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my goodness how lucky are you ~ Nigella and New York!!!
Love Alison x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Definitely keep the boots!! And have fun on your trip!!xx

Morwenna Ellis-Philips said...

Just reading through some of your old blog which I am really enjoying reading :)
I am a sentimental thing so I would definitely keep the boots. How fab meeting Nigella and going to one of my favourite cities New York!

Morwenna x