Monday, 12 November 2007

Keep Positive!

I was all ready to start today's blog complaining about Mondays, how I have all these things to do when I thought why don't I just get on with them and finish the day with an upbeat blog!
One of my tasks was to create some invitations for my friends for a Christmas party we're having. We're creating a full Christmas Day experience, Secret Santa, the turkey dinner all as if it were 25th December.
Being the organiser of the group I'd been selected to make arrangements and suggested I "make" the invitations! I must confess my crafting skills are amateur at best but they say practice makes perfect.
I started with this Anna Griffin kit from QVC which had everything I needed to make some simple invites.
Next I selected the elements I wanted to use....
And the finished product was this....
I am continually proud with anything I've made so far (2 scrapbooks and these invites) as it's just so rewarding. I cheated and did print outs of the party details which I simply stuck inside the cards.Mum is now asking me to make something similar for her friends invitations as she does the same thing every year at our home.
Every time I make something I get a little braver and want to try something different and keep going and adding a bit more of this and that.
Anyway ladies there's a cup of tea waiting for me and my bed.... I think I'll make the menu to go with these tomorrow!

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