Wednesday, 28 November 2007

My Room My Mess

Why the sad face you may ask?

My bedroom is my sanctuary, my home within a home as I'm still living with my parents, unfortunately at this moment in time it is not the sanctuary I enjoy.

Following my return from NY this is the view as you look into my bedroom,
As a neat freak this doesn't go down well, I can't even sleep with a door or draw ajar... and it gets worse on the other side of my bedroom,
A corner of the room hiding my magazine and book purchases and a chair covered with Christmas party gift items,
And it would seem no surface is safe....My window sill piled with Christmas card and notelet purchases and some vintage decorations thrown in for good measure!

Whilst I sit and chat to you ladies the items have all been moved on to my bed which is going to cause some problems when I want to get in it later!

I just hate mess and need everything to be organised and I just know I will not get time to sort my room out before the weekend. And all these items don't include a large box of homewares I brought and have already been boxed off to a friends loft until my home is purchased. Nor the smaller box of bakeware that is sitting in the kitchen.

I shouldn't complain as a lot of these items have brought me great pleasure and many are Christmas gifts and I will tell you more about them this week (when I should be tidying them away!).

Well blogging about the mess has given me itchy fingers to go and sort out my mess so til tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,
There is nothing worse than when everything forgets its place.
I hope you get to feather your nest real soon...then you can relax and flick through all those magazines and books and fall asleep dreaming of how your own pretty home will be one day