Sunday, 18 November 2007

Shopping... Some Old, Some New

I love's the last day of the weekend and if I'm going to forget about returning to work the following day I need to keep busy.

Saturday was spent doing a bit of shopping and with a friend but I don't know about you but I always shop better alone. I spent today going back to the shops buying what i'd forgotten yesterday!

I started in TK Maxx and picked up this gorgeous broom....
as I may have told you ladies I'm in the process of saving for my first home so i've started on my "bottom draw" and I couldn't resist this floral number, it might even make sweeping a pleasure!

I also managed to get some Halloween items, a gorgeous pumpkin Yankee Candle,
and this plate just perfect for display.
I think went to my favourite and faithful charity shop and picked up this floral jug and glasses set for £3. There was 6 glasses in total and I think this will look lovely on a Summer table.

Anyway I've got a list of things to get through before I take myself to bed and begin another week of work... well actually it's only 4 days of work and then it's off to NEW YORK!


Lucy Bloom said...

Great finds, especially the glasses and jug. Your bottom drawer must be getting quite full now! I know what you mean about preferring to shop alone, especially since I'm the only one interested in going in the charity shops, I always feel guilty dragging friends in there with me.
Have a good week!

The Paris Apartment said...

I shop better alone too, at least for home stuff. it's more emotional. better with a friend if you're shopping for clothes. great that you're blogging! love the pitcher too!

Cowboys & Custard said...

I think your glasses and jug are delightful..
You luck girl off to New York.. is there any space in your suitcase for me? I ♥NYC.
Have a wonderful trip.


Joy said...

Love the pitcher and glasses set!