Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bits & Pieces

Yesterday I went to the Ideal Home Show for the first time and I have to say I was a little disappointed... it was all a bit too "modern" for my tastes.

Some great offers, and lot's of gadgets but not for me... so instead my friend and I went to visit Cath Kidston....

Much more up our street!

I brought myself some lovely floral dusters, a pair of rubber gloves and this cute rose washing up brush!

AND a button tin, pink egg cup (this has a purpose ear marked which I hope to show you soon!) and the lovely duck on a rope!

All items are now tucked safely in my "bottom draw" (one of many boxes mounting up in my bedroom).

I'm not feeling to great, fighting a cold and sore throat that seems to have been going round so I'm off to visit some blogs then tuck myself up in bed - thankfully we have a 4 day week ahead!

Happy Sunday

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Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Victoria, I agree with you about the Ideal Home show, not shabby or vintage enough, the Country Living fair is much better. Lovely bits you got from CK though!
Lucy x