Friday, 30 May 2008

Boop Oop A Doop

I have been a fan of Betty Boop since a child as you can see here and used to collect bits and pieces on her

Over the years Betty Boop has increased in popularity and lost her appeal a little for me, dare I say she’s become a little common (!!) so I try to limit my purchases to special pieces

Dad brought this picture for me one Christmas and it is an original drawing

Mum tells me they saw it when shopping in an antique shop in London and thought I would like it but it was a bit too pricey so they didn't get it

Apparently dad was still thinking about it when they were home so he got back on the train to go and get it for me!

How sweet is that!

I was over the moon to "meet" her in Florida a few years ago!!!
Thankfully Friday is here and I'm hoping the rain will hold off to let me get to some boot sales this weekend!
Tonight I'm off to a friends to eat....
and watch....
Of course the film is soley for my friends 5 year old son!!!!
I've made some cookie dough which I'll take along with my cookie cutters so he can have some fun baking!
What have you got planned this evening?


Bek said...

Sounds like a fun weekend:)
I have tagged you pop over to my blog to get the details.


Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hi Victoria, I didn't scroll down to read about Sex In The City as we are still waiting for it to come to Australia, 6th of June so I'm hoping to see it then.
I think that was very sweet of your father to go back to get the picture for you, hope you have a fun dinner, and I love watching Monsters INC.
Oh I just relized you have been tagged BUT you have been tagged by me as well, please pop over and play!!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhh Betty Boop. I know what you mean about the popularity thing, I agree too!
People used to always saw I looked like Betty Boop, and my sister is always saying how much Betty Boop always reminds her of me whenever she sees her!!!
Love that picture of you and BB!
love Alison x

Anonymous said...

Betty Boop is just Gorgeous!! Super Cute!!