Monday, 26 May 2008

A Wet Weekend

Bank Holiday has been a bit of a wash out this weekend so I was only able to get to one boot sale on Saturday.

Unfortunately I was running late and a lot of the sellers were packing up so I only managed to pick up a cute lamb planter which I forgot to photo for you.

I did manage to visit a small antique fair after the boot sale and pick up a few things which I did photograph...

like these cute Babycham beer mats

and buttons and postcards

Saturday evening I went to see the new Indiana Jones film

I quite enjoyed it and found it funnier than I expected!

Then Sunday I went to see Sally Morgan on her tour and was lucky enough to meet her after the show

Sally is most famous for being Princess Diana's psychic for a number of years

Before I go visit Faith over at Faith's Vintage Vanity... she's new to blogging and having a giveaway for us all... leave your comment on this post.

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