Saturday, 17 May 2008

Party Time

There are some parties going on in blogland that I thought I would share with you

The first is being hosted next week in Argentina by Marina
You can show anything you like. A whole room, a whole house, or just a close up of something special to you or one handcraft made yourself.
Sign up here
Miss Laurence is hosting a party featuring buildings and architecture in your home town

All you need to do is to post some photos of streets, houses, traditional or modern styles of buildings in your home town, as many photos as you like and in any season or weather!
Sign up here
Let me know if you're joining in - I am!


cindy said...

Sounds like fun! Thanks for passing the word around.


LiLi M. said...

Thanks for pointing us on these invitations. 22nd of May will not be possible to me as I'm still recovering from Disney world, but that other one...both sound like fun.
I like those ribbons and actually everything on that website that you showed in one of your previous posts! Have a nice weekend!

Marie Louise said...

Hi Victoria - this is my first trip to your blog - lots of wonderful things to look at. I lived in England for a while - in London and miss all my friends over there. I was married for a while to a British guy named of all things...Victor!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Thanks !!! see you in my party!

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hey Darling, sorry I havn't been around for a while. I havn't forgotton your pink prize you won from me, I will be sending it off shortly, please forgive me.


Jeannene said...

Hi Victoria,

just checking in on you, thank you for the "heads up" on all these parties going on. I am off to check'em;-)0

Have a great week!!