Monday, 26 May 2008

The Rose Rooms 100 Posts Party

Rachael from The Rose Room is hosting a "getting to know you" party over 100 hours... I'm a bit late!

All we need to do is post a picture of where we blog from and answer 10 questions about ourselves.

Here is where I blog from...

This is my brothers former bedroom and my dad & I fought over whether it would become his room or my dressing room - I lost!!
We continue to fight over use of the computer so we are in the process of sorting out wireless connection and purchasing a couple of laptops
Now onto the 10 questions...
Relationship: Single
Children: None yet
Pets: Again none but I'm desperate for a chihuahua... if you look in my photo you can see a chihuahua toy sitting on top of the moniter!
Age: 29
Star Sign: Aries
Fave Food: Potatoes!!!
Fave Drink: Coke Zero
House Decor Style: I don't have my own home yet but my style seems to follow cottage/shabby chic styles
Collections: I'm only just starting my collections but rose patterned china seems to be one!
How Did You Get Into Blogging: Searching "shabby chic" on the internet led me to one or two blogs.... after a while lurking I decided I wanted to be part of the great community and gave it a go... I'm still a newbie but loving it!


geraldo said...

Hola Vintage Tea,
I was just looking for blogs in England, when I found by chance yours. it is a quite interesting one and very beautiful.
Best wishes from Brazil:

The Rose Room said...

Hi Victoria, thanks so much for coming to the party:) It was nice to meet you:) How lovely to have all those dreams of your future home and to be able to start collecting for it:) I'll be back to visit. Rachael

Cherry Menlove said...

I'm glad you decided to jump in and start a blog. You'll have a great time and nver be short of inspiration for when you get your home.

Have a great week

Love Cherry xoxoxo