Saturday, 31 May 2008

Change of Plan

Unfortunately yesterday's plans were cancelled but not to worry I was able to eat these

and these instead of fajitas!

Mum was hosting a party at home for her friends

(dad is off on holiday so time for mum and I to play!!)

and whilst she was entertaining I put together a get well basket for my godmother

She needs to rest at home so I've put together gifts that would make this more enjoyable as she is used to being on the go

I included a copy of Vintage Vavoom, the film Wimbledon, a Jo Malone candle and some Molton Brown bubble bath

I delivered it today and she loved it!

It also meant I could get my room in order before the weekend

Unfortunately I have no thrifty finds today... 1 boot sale and 1 thrift store and all I came away with a book...fingers crossed the rain holds off tomorrow and I have more luck at Sunday's sales


LiLi M. said...

Please don't publish any pictures of fries anymore...I'l get so hungry just watching that picture :-}

You did have a nice Saturday though, hopefully you'll have more luck thrifting next time!
Have a nice weekend!

Lori said...

Victoria, Oh sweets i love stopping by, your always doing something nice for some one! Your one in a million! I have to say if I haven't yet how i love Marc's tag you made! It always brings tears to my eyes at how precious it is and how it came from such a sweetie in U.K.! I'm curious did you like Boo in Monstersinc.?Glad you liked the Sex in the City movie I hope to go soon! Please take care you wonderful young lady!! Love ya so,Lori

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhhh cakes, yummy!!!
Such a lovely gift basket idea for your Godmother, I bet she loved it.
Alison x

Diana Lyn said...

Good Morning Victoria, just crusing around and popped in for a visit very cute blog, I enjoyed reading,we like some of the same things! I love Betty Boop also! What a sweet gift basket you made your Godmother! I love giving gifts too! Seems Like it is an addiction(a good one) to me to be kind sometimes! Have a great day XO Diana Lyn