Friday, 6 June 2008

Baby Shower Planning!

Before I tell you about my Baby Shower zone I thought I'd show you the table we set up Tuesday evening in advance of my brother & SIL telling us the sex of the baby.....

My mum and I had both had the idea to do this so it was funny when I arrived home from work and we're both been out and brought girls and boys outfits and we going to say "which one's do you want then"!

We laid out the table with a boy and girls side (later adding some cute boy/girl playmobile figures mum had also picked up), a Baby Powder candle in the middle and on a chalk board I wrote "Boy or Girl?"

SIL really appeciate the gesture and it was a fun way to help them tell us!

So the Baby Shower... boy is this getting stressful!

Baby Showers are a relatively new concept in the UK but I love all the fun ideas America gives us and couldn't resist holding a shower for my friend and was able to pick up some fun stuff when I was in Vegas a few months ago.

I managed to find a company online and ordered some balloons... they've not yet arrived!!!!

I was able to contact the company and a lovely man has another order arriving special delivery today so I took the day off work (I mean would I get anything done worrying?!) to wait for the delivery and get a head start on the planning.

The photo's with this post show the "staging area" where everything we will need has been put in the one place.

Tonight I have some friends round to help decorate and set up what we can and then it's busy, busy tomorrow morning

As for me... I have some cookies to make and a frosting recipe that doesn't contain egg whites or cream cheese!

Hope you have a fun weekend!


Maija said...

Every thing looks FIRST CLASS!!

Priscilla said...

What a lovely set up! everything looks so cute.... You are right baby showers not so big over here, in fact we seem behind on many celebrations, halloween? So glad you are taking inspiration from america on this, as I do with halloween! ps. Love the baby Powder candle I have one at home right now, smells a little familar dosnt it, like Johnsons baby powder!

Priscilla xx

Scrappy Jessi said...

everything looks so fab!!
it is going to be awesome!!!

TattingChic said...

Wow, that is the fanciest baby shower I've EVER seen...I'm used to blue or pink paper cups, paper napkins, paper plates and plastic forks and spoons...LOL They're fine, too, it's just that your set up is like Maija says "FIRST CLASS!!". That is so nice of you to do, it's going to be fun for all.

Saucy said...

You will have a load of fun! I just love baby showers! It looks perfect so far. Get lots of photos!

twinkleshabbystar said...

What a gorgeous baby shower setting! Adore your theme! Im squuueling over the SUPER CUTE lamb planter. :))) Beautiful!! XO,Jenn

Lucy Bloom said...

Well Victoria, it's all go in your life, sound like great fun though, hope it all goes well.
Lucy x

Marina Capano said...

What a gorgeous baby shower setting!good luck! thanks for your visit! see you!